Leonie Buysse

Algemene informatie
Geboortedatum: 05-07-1992
Nationaliteit: BE
Organisatie: Current Company VZW
Website: www.spaforspirits.com
Leonie Buysse

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Leonie Buysse (1992, BE) went to the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound (BE, Brussels), where she became a Master of Arts in 2019. Her practice swirls around performance and theatre work as well as teaching and cooking.
Her research is focused on the basic idea of connection and (body)language as a tool for communication and how to rethink this.
In autumn 2020 she created S p a F o r S p i r i t s together with artist Ellen Vanderstraeten, a non-disciplinary and ever morphing research project that experiments with wellness and questions human habits and gestures, on different levels and scales.